Welcome to the new Pretty In...Shop,

A/K/A Pretty In Skulls!

Pretty In...Shop has the same awesome products as the original Pretty In Skulls, they've just been moved to their own section in the Shop's menu of the new site.

Now you can find beautifully stitched floral jewelry designs, modern/pop art styled creations, inspirational framed embroidered art and funky, unique statement pieces as well as my more macabre, edgier items all in one convenient location.

Please explore around my newly designed shop, and as always - custom requests are accepted and encouraged. Send me an email and let's work together to design something amazing and one of a kind for you!



Hi, my name is Jenn and I began Pretty In Skulls officially in 2004, when I couldn't find anything skull related in stores that wasn't "scary", so I made my own things and people wanted to buy them. My love of all things crafty actually started a lot earlier than that, when I was inspired by my mom's craft supplies and her projects growing up. Since then, my style has changed and morphed into what Pretty In Skulls is today; rad colors, fun, funky things, and of course, some skulls! I like experimenting with materials and techniques so I specialize in the one-of-a-kind things made from, well, anything.

Now Pretty In Skulls has become Pretty In...Shop in order to branch out more and adapt to the times and customers requests. This lady happens to like stitching pretty flowers as well as funky skulls so now there's an embroidered necklace design for anyone and everyone!

If you ever have any questions, comments, or requests, please feel free to send me a message!

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